El Salvador Recording Workshop Recap


At Center Street we feel blessed to do what we do.  This privilege has come through years of education and opportunity.  We believe it's important to share our education and experience with those who are less fortunate.  In December 2014 we traveled to El Salvador to host a series of music education workshops.  This was an amazing opportunity for us to make a difference in the lives of young people in rural El Salvador.  We worked with 30 students and provided a variety of workshops including songwriting, recording, guitar, drums/percussion and vocal training!  On the first day, Center Street Studios' Manager, Britt Edwards, taught 5 students guitar basics and songwriting.  Four of them had never played guitar prior, but they could each play and perform their original song by day’s end.  Studio Director, Jason Roufs, recorded songs performed by workshop participants over the following days.  Music education is a growing passion for the Center Street Studios team. We hope to continue hosting music education workshops in rural settings across the world.