Alicia Michilli - The Edge - 1 Camera, 1 Microphone, 1 Take

I met Alicia when I was running sound for a friend’s birthday party at a local venue here in Old Hickory. One of my favorite things about running live sound is the chance to get out in the music-rich community that is Nashville and meet talented artists. In my years as a recording engineer and videographer I’ve found that it’s these types of personal connections that typically lead to the most meaningful working relationship I get to have.

Not only was this filmed with just one camera and recorded with just 1 microphone, but we ended up going with Alicia’s FIRST TAKE. Sometime’s there’s just something magical about that initial performance that can’t be beat, as was the clear case here. Since we made this video, I’ve gotten to check out Alicia’s newest release, “Letters from the Edge,” and can honestly say I’ve become a fan. You can check her out for yourself on her website at

- Chris Cameron

Richard Gowen - Morning - 1 Camera, 1 Microphone, 1 Take

Richard and I have been making music together since we were just teenagers. He’s the first person I ever recorded and the first person I ever made a music video for. Our friendship began when we discovered we shared a mutual interest in playing mandolin while we both worked at Chick-Fil-A together. 15 years later I consider him one of my closest friends. Music has been an essential part of our friendship over the years and I’m super thankful that we still get to do that today. Being the talented guy he is, he pulled this video off in just 1 take at the Studio.

I really enjoy how this 1 camera, 1 microphone, 1 take setup lets people get a raw look at artists in their craft. The simplistic nature of the visual element allows the song and performance to really take the main stage. Highly manufactured music certainly has its place in our world today, but it’s hard to beat a raw, heartfelt performance like this, from an artist whose songs are birthed out of his personal experiences.

- Chris Cameron