Center Street Studios is the result of a collaborative effort between friends who have worked professionally in the music business for the last 15 years.

It’s not just about the services we offer, it’s about how we offer them. In this industry everyone knows the basic components – tracking, mixing, mastering, packaging, etc. But again, it’s not about what we offer; it’s about how we offer it. Having experienced these services firsthand as musicians and artists, our efforts have been to provide a service that caters to the artists needs, from an artists perspective.

Our services aim to provide that ‘personal touch,’ not as a cliché slogan, but because of a sincere belief that humans make music and humans need connections with other humans to make successful the very human endeavor of creating that music.

Center Street Recording Studios is getting back to what made music production ‘golden’ just a generation ago – the human connection through artist development – taking the goals of the artist into consideration and serving that artist by assisting them in the development of their capacity to carry the message they want to send with a very strong sounding album, attractive artwork, effective marketing materials and a web presence that is meaningful.


It’s meaningful because it’s not the product of a label who is trying to produce the next ‘so and so,’ but because it was pulled out of the heart of an artist who was coached into getting out their message and not compromised into the style or format to become the ‘next big thing.’

Center Street Recording Studios is housed on a 7-acre campus right outside the city of Nashville, just far enough to be away from the city noise, but close enough to join it’s commotion in a 15 minute commute. The studio itself uses industry standard equipment, and our engineers and technicians are more than capable, but also available, to help you get that sound you're looking for. On top of that, our hospitality services can help you experience that atmosphere you’re looking for, because after all, a good take is a result of feeling comfortable. Finally, you can customize your experience, because though we have pre-determined packages, we can also cater exactly to your needs as an artist, in fact, this is what we prefer. So, go ahead pick a package and then let’s tailor it to your needs and let’s make music!